Smoke Free Trading

City of Port Phillip is committed to being a healthy city.

Why go smoke free?

We are all aware that smoking is bad for your health. Smoking kills more Victorians than road accidents, alcohol and other drugs combined. Even small levels of exposure to second hand smoke can have significant impacts on a person’s health, particularly for children; this initiative is to make Port Phillip a healthier place for every member of our community. By volunteering to become smoke free you will be contributing to this.

To know more about the health impacts from smoking click here.

How to become smoke free?

Businesses with outdoor dining areas are subject to a footpath trading permit that allows smoking or, if you volunteer to become smoke free, the permit can be altered to support these circumstances. To apply please complete the application form here  .

To find out more about how to create a smoke free trading area download the Fact Sheet. 

How can Council support you?

We are keen to help you to transition to a smoke free environment.  If you complete the application form and return it to us we will assess it and then exempt you from having to provide ashtrays. Included in your approval letter we will provide smoke free signs for all of your outdoor tables and a sign for the window. We will also include your business on our website showcasing smoke free businesses in Port Phillip.


Evidence that smoke free works for business

Less than 15% of Victorians smoke this means that the majority of your customers are most likely to be non-smokers.

There are many business areas that have become smoke free in Victoria.

The City of Melbourne recently designated a laneway as Smoke Free after consultation with the businesses. The 12 month trial has just been completed and the overall feedback from both patrons and business owners is positive. The businesses have not experienced any significant downsides with the majority emphasising a positive response from their customers and an increase in foot traffic.

Baw Baw Shire Council introduced a smoke free policy for all alfresco dining areas on public land in 2011. An evaluation of the businesses and their patrons was conducted after a 12 month trial.


  • More than 70% of the community supported the smoke free policy and reported having a more enjoyable dining experience.
  • Over 80% of businesses felt that there was no effect or a positive effect on their business with an increase in the amount of customers.


How is a smoke free area enforced?

At this stage, we are encouraging all businesses with outdoor dining facilities to voluntarily choose to be smoke free and self-enforce. We will support businesses by providing signage and can provide tips on the ways to ask customers to refrain from smoking.




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