How to Enter

The CitiPower Port Phillip Business Excellence Awards are held every 2 years. More information on this will be available in due course.

Entering the CitiPower Port Phillip Business Excellence Awards gives you the opportunity to promote your business throughout Port Phillip and the wider community and take a close look at your operations.

These Awards offer you and your business the exceptional opportunity to profile your achievements to the local community and far reaching audiences. Completing the application form will give you the opportunity to reflect on your achievements and the entry process can help with planning for a positive future.

Entering provides an opportunity to: 

  • Showcase your business
  • Focus on your business and its core strengths
  • Reflect on past and current business practices
  • Benchmark progress and achievements against competitors
  • Generate positive publicity and demonstrate professional integrity
  • Network with other business leaders, the community and other stakeholders
  • Receive acknowledgement of your business's contribution to the local economy and community
  • Reward and acknowledge the contribution made by employees in growing and developing your business
  • Engender pride in your business
  • Celebrate your achievements 

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What winning means:

Advantage Property Consulting Pty Ltd, winners of the Small Business category for three consecutive years, value the business awards as a bench mark for assessing their business and striving for excellence.

As a result of their success, Advantage Property Consulting Pty Ltd were inducted into the Business Excellence Leaders in 2012 and are considered an exemplar business in promoting the benefits of sound business practices through the awards.

"We have found the City of Port Phillip Business Awards a wonderful event to be a part of and being recognised as a Winner has impacted our business in a number of positive ways," said Frank Valentic, Founder and Director of Advantage Property Consulting Pty Ltd.

"The application process serves as a reminder of the business’s journey so far and allowed us to review all areas of our business.

"Winning an award created a real ‘buzz’ in our office with the staff taking pride in what we have all achieved and what we can continue to achieve by working together. Seeing the award on our reception desk serves as a constant reminder for us to continue to strive to improve our services to benefit our clients.

"It also serves as a great marketing tool and provides our clients with peace of mind that they are dealing with a company that has been recognised by our peers for what we do.

"The Award night dinner is such a positive event and it’s an honour to be among so many talented community members who all share the same passion and commitment to their businesses. It also a fun evening to share with your staff and meet many other locals.

"We would recommend to everyone who is striving to improve their business to become involved in this wonderful event."

Frank Valentic, attributes his success to providing a great customer experience and what he calls ‘one percenters’. He encourages his staff to be thoughtful and considerate and then to ‘go the extra mile’ to not only think about, but to demonstrate good customer service.

Frank adds “Every touch point is important to clients – whether it is positive or negative. If you really want to help them and you have a rapport, customer service isn’t difficult, it is really enjoyable. And it’s great for the bottom line! Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. It’s all about sending customers away happy”.

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