Accessible Business

As a Business owner, you could be missing out on potential customers if your business is not accessible to all. In Australia, one in five people experience disability and like everyone else, people with disabilities want to buy goods and services and participate in community life with their family and friends.

In creating an accessible environment within your business, you can broaden your customer base and increase economic benefits.

In short, accessibility pays dividends and makes good business sense.

YouMeUs – Achieving Inclusion

At the City of Port Phillip, we are committed to equitable, dignified access and inclusion to all of its services, programs, premises, employment, and communication systems for all residents and stakeholders.

As a joint project with other councils, we have developed an awareness tool called YouMeUs – Achieving Inclusion. The project’s vision is to promote an understanding of diversity in the community, challenge public perceptions of stereotypes, and highlight the abilities of people with disabilities to support the development of inclusive communities.

Each of these videos have key messages in four main areas: Rights, Attitude, Communication and Access.

For further information, please contact Port Phillip’s MetroAccess Officer on 03 9209 6829 or

Rights: Assistance Animals

Attitude: Catering for Everyone

Communication: Jeff's Story

Access: Jen's Story


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